Vizsla Illustrated Standard is now available


After many hard months of work with the committee, the Vizsla Illustrated Standard is now available online through the Vizsla Club of America.  The publication is available as a .pdf on the club's site, and I am very pleased with the beautiful presentation by VCA.  You may view the completed publication on their web site.

With technology being what it is today, much of the actual print expense can be foregone with a simple digital booklet.  There are times where the print version is still appropriate, such as in presentations before groups, so that possibility is still to be considered.  For the most part, the online availability makes education an affordable and pleasing solution for many clubs, especially when the result is as beautiful as that of VCA.

Additionally, the club has taken advantage of sepia tone coloring to add the distinctive breed feature to the original black and white illustrations.  Thank you for making the most of my drawings!

New DPCA Video - Live dogs & drawings from the Illustrated Standard

The Doberman Pinscher Club of America has created a YouTube video to assist judges with procedure and important points of the breed.  My drawings from the Illustrated Standard have been incorporated to highlight important areas.  The animated arrows and measures further clarify, and were a nice touch.

This is a good example of additional methods to educate by using materials which can be used in conjunction to present a new approach.

The dog and bitch illustrations included in the video are shown here.  The colored pencil version of the bitch was created after we had completed the pen & ink drawings for the DPCA Illustrated Standard.  It was to be used as the representative for the Doberman Pinscher on the AKC web site.  The moving dog from the illustrated standard is also featured.