Perfect foot timing is an important result of correct structure

dog-horse foot.jpg

No, you won't see a dog in the video at the end of this.  What you will see is a Thoroughbred by the name of Empire Maker.  His record is impressive and his ability as a sire is escalating upward.  He stands at Gainesway Farm in Kentucky for a current fee of $85,000.

Dogs have long been assessed by equine standards, especially in earlier times.  We have borrowed terminology and ideas about structure from horses, although there are enough differences in things such as bone length that vary even between breeds of dogs.  One thing does remain the same.  If the dog or horse is to be considered truly typey, then soundness should be the building block of type.  Without being able to function as the history and purpose of the breed intended, a dog cannot be fully representative of that breed.  Fashion comes and goes, but type within a breed, in the truest sense, remains the same.

Now watch Empire Maker's perfect foot timing, flexibility of pastern, and overall balance.  His is type personified.  Enjoy!